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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fuel Pump Died...

Fuel Pump Died...

when i landed back in jakarta... tried to start the bimmer, well the car wont start... mum said they keep warming it up till no petrol left.... so off we go to get few litres of petrol... pour it in and still the car wont start...

it got sparks, it got 14 volts battery, it cranks but still no go. so i check the fuel pump and no whining sound... its dead... :O

i called around and the cheapest fuel pump i got from BMW E30 is expensive... around $260 AUD.. while i think the newer model E36 is only around $120

so did abit of research on the net and found that Suzuki Escudo Denso fuel pump can be retrofitted to mine... and cost like $56

so i bought it without leaving my home... yes... they deliver it to your door... for extra $4...by deliver it, i mean literally deliver it by motor bike to my home within 1 hour from my phone call... its because i CBF going thru jakarta traffic on peak hour and petrol to get there (from north jakarta to south jakarta) will cost me around $10 (stuck 3 hours in traffic of round trip)

great... then i went off to buy some cable ties, solder and soldering iron, fuel hose and clamps to fit the damn thing... i only spent around $65 in total all up including the fuel pump:
$56 fuel pump denso
$4 delivery
$5 fuel hose with alot of spares, clamps, cable ties, solder and soldering iron, electrical clips / connector.

saved myself around $150... bear in mind the living cost in indo is alot lower so $150 saving is alot of money (average graduate full time salary is $400AUD)

well... here we go... Denso Fuel pump for Suzuki Escudo 2.0ltr

that black harness mount on the left need to be cut opened so i can solder the wire from BMW fuel pump bracket to the Suzuki's one... (suzuki using harness clip... bmw is soldered)

and now removing the fuel pump from the bimmer... just unbolt 4 screws on the cover and we need to unclamp few hoses... just get them out of the way. also i need to be careful when unclipping the harness... its old and easily breaks... and i did break one Razz

i also need to unbolt 4 x 7mm bolts on the fuel level sensor... we need to pull this out first if we want to get the whole fuel pump bracket out...

ok now that the bracket is out, i pump the Denso pump in, cut the fuel hose as needed and connect the pump outlet to the brass piping on the bracket (the Bimmer pump are abit longer), put metal clamps and put few cable ties Razz and voila!!!

sorry about the leg hair in the pic... its kinda hard taking photo with your hand covered in fuel... so i got lazy and just took the pic without moving from where i sat... Razz

i put these cable ties here to prevent the + and - tip to touch each other... just in case... Razz next time i will source the suzuki harness so it will just clip in...

and extra cable ties just because i can and its fun... lol jk... just in case...

then put the filter to the bottom of the new pump. i need to get new filter i think... this one is old but its still quite clean... oh, be careful when removing the filter from the old pump. the little metal clip might jump out and it will be hard to find them... as for me, it jumped out and landed on the grass... oh noe... took me ages to find it...

its starts right away! woohoo...


done! Smile now need to get my AC regassed... coz its not cold anymore... Razz

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